The beginning…

My husband’s disease was stalking him a good twenty years before it caught our attention. There were subtle, and not so subtle changes in his behaviors and demeanor, his interests and his habits. A good twenty years before his official diagnosis in 2012 he sought the help of a neurologist for what he called “foggy… Continue reading The beginning…

Why the Title?

In order to explain why I chose to name my blog “Navigating Hippo Hollow” I need to leave the past and jump to the present. Please bear with me as I explain. We just had to take Tom for an MRI to access the progression of his disease. As I wrote earlier, a good twenty… Continue reading Why the Title?


This is not a fairytale. There will be no happy ending. But there will be much laughter along with tears, much happiness along with sadness. My husband was diagnosed with early onset dementia, probable Alzheimer’s, in 2012. Since then the diagnosis has been changed to Lewey Body Dementia, Vascular Dementia, and Mixed Dementia. Though all… Continue reading Warning!!!

Why write a blog?

When my husband was diagnosed with dementia, probable Alzheimers, in 2012, I sprung into action. I took an early retirement, with reduced benefit, from my high level professional job and devoted myself to trying to “fix” the problem. I had already downsized my job 2 years previous, as I saw the little strokes, changes in… Continue reading Why write a blog?

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